Google layoffs: Google cut positions of almost 200 employees from its “core team” and relocated some of the jobs overseas with the aim to cut costs as the company continues its restructuring process. At least 50 roles were eliminated from engineering team based at its headquarters in California, it was reported. The tech giant is expected to hire replacement workers for positions in India and Mexico, CNBC reported citing internal documents of the company. 

Google layoffs: Google’s Sundar Pichai is seen. (AP)

What is Google’s “core” team which has been impacted by job cuts?

Google’s core team develops the “technical foundation behind the company’s flagship products” along with the user safety online and its global IT infrastructure.

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What Google officials said as per the report on layoffs?

In an email, Google Developer Ecosystem’s vice president Asim Husain announced the layoffs last week as per the report. The official said as per documents that this was the biggest workforce reduction from his team. 

“We intend to maintain our current global footprint while also expanding in high-growth global workforce locations so that we can operate closer to our partners and developer communities,” he wrote in the email.

A Google spokesperson told New York Post that the workers impacted by layoffs will be able to apply for other open roles at the company as, “We’re simplifying our structures to give employees more opportunity to work on our most innovative and important advances and our biggest company priorities, while reducing bureaucracy and layers.”

What about recent layoffs at Google?

Google parent Alphabet has been cutting its workforce since early 2023 when the company announced its plan to cut roughly 12,000 positions- 6% of its workforce.

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