The identity of the author of this story has been kept anonymous for safety reasons. Since 2017, China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang has seen a drastic rise in the incarceration of its ethnic minority citizens, including Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and Hui. The United Nations, along with international human rights organizations, estimates thatContinue Reading

This story by Belma Kasumović was originally published on Balkan Diskurs, a project of the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC). An edited version is republished by Global Voices as part of a content-sharing agreement. Bosnia and Herzegovina is at a migration crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. Around 60,000 people entered undocumented in the country from earlyContinue Reading

North Macedonia’s “new-old” government, formed after the July parliamentary elections, recently announced the configuration of its ministerial portfolios. A new post—held by Ljupco Nikolovski—broadly covering corruption, sustainable development, and human resources, has garnered significant media attention. However, no one seems to have noticed the disappearance of the position of ministerContinue Reading

Citizenship-for-purchase programmes, meant to boost ailing tourism economies, are proving to be problematic for some Caribbean countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt the vulnerable, tourism-dependent economies of the Caribbean a heavy blow. According to some forecasts, it will take the region a long time to recover from the loss ofContinue Reading