The year 2024 has brought a fresh wave of creativity and innovation to all weddings, including mandap decorations. But the inventions do not stop there, and they continue to change the course of the idea of a wedding! As couples today set to begin their journey of love and togetherness, they are constantly on the lookout for unique and astounding setups to make their special day even more memorable. The sacred corner known as the mandap is where the Saat Pheras – the most exquisite moment of soul-to-soul union – takes place. The beauty of this priceless moment can be further enhanced with the right arrangement and decoration.

Embark on a journey of matrimonial opulence with these five breathtaking mandap decor concepts. (Unsplash)

Nirav Thaleshwar, founder and director of Allegiant Events, shared five mandap decor ideas with HT Lifestyle that promise to impress your wedding guests. (Also read: Decor trends 2024: Tips to infuse your wedding with bohemian charm using eclectic floral styling )

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Mandap Decor Ideas for 2024 Weddings

1. Canopies with flowers and curtains:

Imagine you walk into a place where everything looks like it’s out of a fantasy. What if that space were filled with colourful flowers swaying from the ceiling? And then, to complete the look, you have soft white drapes gently moving in the wind. This beautiful combination will magically transform any venue into an enchanted garden, perfect for saying your vows!

2. Royal gold touches among lush greens:

Make heads turn with this royal mandap idea! Create a luxurious atmosphere by using golden accents against rich green backdrops, symbolising prosperity, harmony and growth. Additionally, such a setting would also blend grandeur with earthy vibes, thus turning each moment of your marriage ceremony into pure magic.

3. Pink Rosy Crowns with Bright Chandeliers:

Take glamour to new heights with shiny chandeliers that will make the space beneath glow! Match this with a crown made of light pink roses, which represents love, grace and admiration for the occasion. It is an elegant mandap design that symbolises sophistication and allure while creating a dramatic atmosphere, leaving everyone breathless!

4. Aisle of Mirrors and Hanging Kaleeras-Traditional Meets Western:

Give tradition an interesting twist by using hanging kaleeras as they sway softly. In traditional belief systems, it is considered a good omen because the couple is blessed with good luck and prosperity. To highlight the beauty around us, we place mirrors along the path where weddings take place these days, which adds modernity to this setup. This mandap design achieves its purpose of celebrating couples’ roots but in a current fashion by being vibrant enough.

5. White Orchids, Red Carnations, Ceremony by Poolside:

Let pheras by the poolside bring peace into your hearts as you exchange vows under luxurious white orchids and bright red carnation tassels draping around the mandap. This serene setting combines calmness with energy, so it will not only be good for taking beautiful pictures but also provide an ideal background for saying sacred words.

This year promises to be a time of restyling and variation in wedding mandap decorations. Couples are now experimenting with fresh ideas and new concepts to personalise their special day that reflects their love story and aspirations for their future. With these trend-setting mandap decor ideas, couples can enjoy their wedding day amidst beauty, elegance, and romance.

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