Google Search head Prabhakar Raghavan told employees that new operating realities at Google will not be easy as the company is dealing with challenges in the tech industry. The comments were made by him in a meeting with Google employees, CNBC reported. Prabhakar Raghavan said that there has been a lot going on at Google in the last three months. He said, “Really high highs and low lows”.

The Google logo is seen during the Google I/O annual developers conference at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.(AFP)

What Google Search head said on AI and cost-cutting?

Talking about cost-cutting measures and the new approach Google has adopted, he said that with AI, the company is in a “new cost reality” and that Google is “spending a ton more on machines.”

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“What that means is our growth in this new operating reality has to be hard-earned,” he said. He also informed the employees that organic growth at the company is slowing down because the number of new devices coming aren’t what it used to be.

What Google Search head advised employees must do?

The senior Google executive told employees to “act with urgency” based on market contusions in order to cope with this moment. “It won’t be easy. But these are the moments and the history of industries that will define us,” he said.

Google is operating under tremendous regulatory challenges, he said, adding, “We’ve learned a lot the last few quarters. I cannot tell you that all the stumbles are behind us. What matters is how we respond and what we learn.”

People trust Google as a company, he said, asserting, “People come to us because we are trusted. They may have a new gizmo out there that people like to play with but they still come to Google to verify what they see there because it is the trusted source and it becomes more critical in this era of generative AI.”

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