Apple has just announced a special event where it is expected to launch some new products. While two of Apple’s events are widely anticipated (WWDC in the summer and the iPhone launch during the Fall season), this one looks to have some important revelations to make too. In fact, Apple has not been chary of rolling out some products without much fanfare, but considering that it is holding this event, there is definitely something there that it thinks is important enough to deserve a special rollout. Do note that this is an online event as no in-person invite seems to have been sent so far.

Apple Let Loose event: Expectations are for the rollout of a new iPad Pro, iPad Air, Magic Keyboard and even a Pencil.

Having said that, the Apple event, dubbed “Let Loose”, invite features an Apple Pencil and the hint is at the launch of new iPad as the dominating product.

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Apple CEO took to X and posted: “Pencil us in for May 7!”

This Apple event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time (7:30 PM IST). It will be streamed live on the company’s official website.

Expectations are for the rollout of a new iPad Pro, iPad Air, Magic Keyboard and even a Pencil.

The event’s focus is especially on the colourful artwork. In fact, if you go to the Apple website ( a new version pops up every time you refresh. There is also a snazzy and quite animated version where the hand twirls the pencil.

Bloomberg columnist posted this rejoinder on X: “Both the iPad Air and iPad Pro are considered “constrained” at Apple retail – and Apple won’t be replenishing stock of any current model. That’s as good an indicator as any that both are being replaced May 7.”

On the subject of the pencil, then the launch of a new Apple Pencil looks to be quite certain. And 9to5Mac reports that chances are that there will be some sort of a Squeeze feature in it too.

What else? New iPad models may see the light of day. It will likely consist of an iPad Pro OLED and iPad Air. The Pro version may even be as big as 13 inches with a horizontal camera positioning and also feature the new Apple M3 chip.

iPad Air may come with a larger 12.9-inch size apart from the current 11-inch model and may feature mini-LED screen rather than the older LCD displays.

Another product likely ready for the roll out is Magic Keyboard and that will be meant as an accessory for the iPad Pro – it will almost turn the iPad into a laptop.

As far as price is concerned, there is not much information available although Apple tries not to alter the rates too much from the predecessor products. Currently, 11-inch iPad Pro is priced at a starting $799, and the 12.9-inch version starts at $1,099.

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