India is a fascinating and diverse country to explore, and travelling by bus can be an affordable and convenient way to experience its many wonders. However, if you are a solo female traveller, it is important to prioritize safety and comfort during your journey. This article will provide you with tips to keep in mind while travelling by bus in India to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. By following these guidelines, you can make the most of your trip and appreciate all that India has to offer.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Manish Rathi, CEO and Co-founder, IntrCity, says, “We no longer use the internet solely to browse or connect with others via devices. Now that the internet has extended around the world, we are linking various objects such as smart devices via wireless communication. We shall eventually move to a smart world of technology in which absolutely everything will be connected as the Internet of Things evolves (IOT). This is hardly surprising given the infinite potential of IoT, which allows it to be used in practically any industry. Customers increasingly expect smart buildings, campuses, and even cities, in addition to smart devices and connected appliances. So why can’t mobility for the masses be smart!”

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Talking about the safety of female solo travellers he says, “The integration of technology in intercity buses and the rise of organized, branded players are revolutionizing the ecosystem. A smart bus offers numerous benefits and provides added security for solo female travellers. Planning ahead is always the top priority for solo female travellers. When we look around our cities, we can see that every city in the country, including our transportation infrastructure, was conceived, and developed by men for men. Men and women travel in different ways and have distinct demands; therefore, their perceptions of space and navigation are vastly different. As a result, understanding women’s travel demands is critical in order to bridge the mobility gap in gender inclusion.”

He further shared a few points that can make a journey perfect for solo-women travellers:

1. High-level security features: Security for any female travellers is the number one concern. With the intercity bus market seeking to provide a safe travel experience, experiential bus travel can be the ideal alternative for a women solo traveller. While travelling by smart buses or connected buses, travellers can track and control each bus trip. One can share the live-tracking feature with family and friends which enables one to view a passenger’s real-time location and travel status.

The cameras and sensors onboard provide an added level of security. The driver monitoring and alerting system installed in smart buses closely tracks driver behaviour, detecting signs of drowsiness, distraction, and over-speeding. In case of potential driver fatigue, the system alerts the driver with a warning alarm.

2. Opt for the advanced tech-enabled smart bus: Smart bus offers a safe, reliable, and on-time travel experience. Features like the crew app, consumer platform and IOT-based fleet analytics enhance passenger safety; trained bus captains ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. From the moment you access the Wi-Fi-enabled lounge at the boarding location to the flat-bed private cabins, such reputed companies are going above and beyond to ensure passenger comfort.

3. Comfort travel is a must: Always opt for a smart bus service as they ensure female travellers are not put in potentially dangerous situations. This is achieved through the provision of clean, well-lit boarding facilities that offer ample comfortable seating space, and basic amenities like clean drinking water, coffee, and hygienic washrooms. Solo travel can be an incredible experience, but it is imperative to be prepared and safe.

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