The new mantra of luxury seems to be safety first with the globetrotting travellers opting to prioritise privacy and well being in the vacations they choose. As the Covid-19 pandemic winds down across the world, many people are looking for an escape from primary residences, which start to feel all too familiar after long periods of lockdowns.

Star hotels are nice but a luxurious home all to oneself is even better and fast emerging as the hottest luxury travel trend for 2023. Luxurious private villas available to rent as short-term second home are becoming a top favourite amongst the discerning and affluent vacation-goers and are trending as a holiday choice of the rich and famous.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Arvind Srivastava, Co-Founder of Kaudia Estate, shared, “Stunning locations and complete control of the surroundings are the key benefits of renting luxurious villas set in private estates. They offer safety, seclusion and intimacy that only your own home can provide. Security is highly prioritized at these estates. This is always a cause of concern for the rich and famous and the luxury private villas have this aspect fully covered.”

He highlighted, “These gorgeous villas, set against beautiful scenery, can be the perfect romantic getaway, a joyous family vacation setting, a hideout, or a fun-filled blast with a group of friends with breakfast on the terrace, sundowners on the patios and barbeque under the stars! Perfect for celebrities who want to escape paparazzi and viral videos of their private vacations leaking on social media. The staff at these properties is trained to be completely discreet and respect the guest’s boundaries.”

The travel expert added, “Besides safety and privacy, luxury villa staycations offer the highest degree of customisation. They also come with a focus on sustainability. Most offer customizable menus with a ‘farm to table” approach. They source organic produce from their own vegetable garden as well as local farms and markets. The staycation is mostly immersive and rooted in local flavours and culture. Often operating at a carbon-neutral level, recycling, using solar energy, employing locals, these private estates are choosing sustainability in a conscious effort.”

The uber luxury, the eco-sustainable operations, the high-level of security and privacy all combined with the most exclusive of stunning locations are making private luxury villa rentals the hot holiday trend in 2023. Of course it comes with a price tag but well, worth it for those who opt for it!

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