The chirping wonders of Aravalli are always a delight to watch when they fly they fly across Delhi-NCR. But, with the concerns of climate change and pollution taking over amid other challenges, these avian friends have quite a struggle to be able to counter the looming dangers in future. Showcasing this spirit of the winged fighters are two artists, Gopal Namjoshi and Rupa Samaria, at the exhibition, Birds of Aravalli.

Artist Gopal Namjoshi has created his some of his works by repurposing automobile parts.

Depicting tales of their survival, through installation created out of scrap, Namjoshi develops artworks from scrap materials. “My work represents what the world of avifauna may look like if we do not change the narrative of coexistence as we endanger their areas of survival,” says the Gurugram-based artist, whose works often have birds as a recurring subject. Sharing his thoughts on the unorganised urbanisation causing hindrance in survival of birds, he explains, “I’ve exhibited an impact of an electric pole, glass windows and the reduced mass land made from scrap of automobiles and other places, which showcases a situation that might be beneficial for us but not for the birds.”

Through her works, artist Rupa Samaria hopes to bring about a change in the mindset towards Nature conservation.
Through her works, artist Rupa Samaria hopes to bring about a change in the mindset towards Nature conservation.

Representing avian life in bright colours with delicate brush strokes, Delhi-based Samaria’s penchant for wildlife conservation is a know fact. Through her works at this show, she wishes to raise a voice in favour of the viability of Nature. “My art will spotlight paintings depicting Aravalli birdlife with the belief that art influences people’s outlook towards Nature, and can thus change mindset to positively impact conservation,” says the artist, who also works as an educator and conservationist.

“We celebrate all kinds of genres in art, and being in the heart of Gurugram, the inspiration for this show is the birds of Aravalli,” says Aditya Arya, founder, Museo Camera, adding, “Rupa has drawn the birds and made some interactive displays, and Gopal has done the installation art repurposing scrap material, which makes it an inspiration. Gopal’s work is a way to relook at the material generated as scrap by us as people.”

Catch It Live

What: Birds of Aravalli

Where: Museo Camera Centre for Photographic Arts, Shri Ganesh Mandir Marg, Sector 28, Gurugram

When: February 18 to 26

Timings: 11am to 7pm

Nearest Metro Station: Phase 1 on the Rapid Metro

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