Oil marketing companies (OMCs) did not make any revision to fuel prices on Tuesday, which means that petrol and diesel rates across the country have been steady since May 21 last year, when the previous pan-India revision was made.

This, therefore, means that in Delhi, a litre of petrol continues to be available for 96.72, while an equal quantity of diesel costs 89.62. In Mumbai, on the other hand, one litre each of petrol and diesel is retailing at 106.31 and 94.27 respectively. Fuel prices in other major cities are as follows:

City Petrol price (per litre) Diesel price (per litre)
Bengaluru 101.94 87.89
Chennai 102.63 94.24
Hyderabad 109.66 97.82
Jaipur 108.41 93.65
Kolkata 106.03 92.76
Lucknow 96.57 89.76
Pune 106.47 92.97

How to check daily fuel prices?

OMCs revise petrol and diesel prices in the country. Change, if any, is implemented at 6 am each day. You too can check the rates on Indian Oil’s website, or by sending an SMS on the number 9224992249.

Type “RSP Dealer code of petrol pump” and send to the above number. Get dealer codes for 39 locations from here.

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