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Neputa, a Japanese traditional festival, was recently organised in the Aomori Prefecture of Japan’s Tohoku region to revive the country’s tourism sector. Beautiful traditional crafts were the festival’s highlights. The Neputa festival takes place at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. This place is usually used for baseball games.

The “Furusato Festival Tokyo 2023” is aimed at revitalising the tourism industry, which has been sluggish due to COVID, by introducing local traditional festivals and local delicacies. Visitors can see many attractions including food. “Potato butter” is a popular food in Hokkaido. People enjoy eating it with salted squid. (Also read: Japan holds tourism expo after 4 years to revive travel industry )

A visitor said, “The potato called “Tsuki-Akari (moonlight)” in Hokkaido is characterised by its big size and sweetness. I recommend mashed potatoes with pure butter made from milk in Hokkaido. Potato butter can be topped with salted squid, spicy Pollack roe, cheese, salmon, and sea urchin. As COVID is coming to an end, I hope there will be more events like this”.

Japanese eel fish is another popular delicacy among foreign tourists. Isshiki Town in Aichi Prefecture is known as an eel farm in Japan. A visitor said, “We would like to provide you with the savory taste of eel and the deliciousness of plump eel”. Fish delicacies were the attraction for the visitors.

A chef said, “We offer deep-sea fish called “Nodoguro,” caught in the Sea of Japan. It is a very fatty fish. One of Japan’s food cultures is “Donburi (Bowl)” cooked with local food on top of rice. Since Japan has a rice culture, we enjoy eating side dishes with rice. We can easily enjoy local flavors by putting them in a bowl and putting them together on one plate”.

“I’m glad that I could taste the fresh Hokkaido food”, said a visitor at the festival. Japan has rich traditions and culture that attract tourists from around the world.

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