The nip in the weather has a special flavour and it is that time of the year when everyone feels festive and lively as it is all about new beginnings with the New Year unfolding in full spring so, what better way to begin the year than to spruce up your surroundings? Social media especially Pinterest and Instagram have given a massive boost to DIY when it comes to home decor and furniture however, the Indian market continues to be dependent on professionals when it comes to renovation and back-of-the-wall tasks.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prashant Chauhan, Founder of Zero9, shared, “Winters is all about hygge, which brings a perfect opportunity for the home to get more cosier with rugs, soft textured cushions, throws, faux fur and lots of candles and fragrances to bring in warmth to the space. Piping music uplifts the mood with easily accessible playlists from Spotify and prime music. Apart from these, the centre tables and side tables can get more dressy with a lot of festive decor with fairy lights adding to the mood. If you do have more budget to spare, maybe you could consider a curtain makeover or even just bring in that new wallpaper you have been eyeing on.”

Rashika Khurana, Founder and Proprietor of Vikrama Architects, opined, “The main element that you should be using is layering and creating warmth and a cozy atmosphere. Layering in interior design translated to rugs, throws and floor cushions. Rugs instantly add drama and a welcoming vibe to any space. Floor cushions create an ambiance where people sit around sofas and interact informally The weather also creates an atmosphere to sit in the sun and soak up some vitamin D. So invest in cute outdoor furniture or a swing for your morning cuppa!”

She added, “Indoor greens are my go to answer to create a homely and cheerful vibe. Add a tinge of gold to your planters to bring the festive spirit. Throws are multifunctional elements that can create patterns or contrast as per your need and also be used to snuggle in for warmth when you want. Adding sheer curtains to a space makes its brighter by letting the light in and keep it snug at the same time. Sometimes it also helps to create an accent wall which can be done by wall papers or textures and then using wicker or wall plates or simple frames to highlight it.”

Shourya Patel and Dexter Fernandes, Founders of UNEVEN Architects, recommended that at a time like this, always bring in life from the outdoors to the inside plants and do this amazingly well –

• Chrysanthemums, red poinsettias and snow poinsettias fill our daily spaces with a lot of cheer always.

• A very warm woolen throw on your couches would also do a perfect job to convey a good amount of warmth to your homes.

• A vibrant colored throw would also give a sudden change from the language your space already speaks.

• Team the opposite corner table with a sample vase with matching fresh flowers maybe would spread the same vibe as well as enhance the space.

• Mirrors surprisingly change the dimension of any space very interestingly. Thy add depth and also give a sense of continuity.

• Beautiful frames from frame store could be traditional looking or modern could just hold a mirror and could adorn a foyer wall.

• Levels- replace your corner stands with stacks of wooden fruit crates. Play with levels and make sure each level holds a plant. This does immediate wonders to a space: the wood adds warmth and the plants add life.

• Try changing the mood of the space by investing in floor lamps. Balance the light quantum in a space with candles or a simple glass bowl full of fairy lights.

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