When we see an interesting piece of DIY art, we often ask ourselves “Now why didn’t think of this!” DIY projects not only refresh spaces but they get our creative juices flowing and our home reflects our personalities and are places to showcase and innovate.

Every home is a treasure trove of sorts and a good de-cluttering session can often unearth interesting bits and bobs, that can often be converted into exciting home décor projects. The beauty of DIY projects is that the options are limitless and inspiration can strike from the most random collection of ideas.

In your home, you have the freedom to choose the ideal setting for your lifestyle. You can change your home’s decor and surroundings to reflect your personal taste, whether you want to create a calm ambience with a rustic design or contemporary aesthetics and fortunately, there are low-cost methods for creating your own home decor.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sarah Merchant, Design Director at Creative Nutshell Design, suggested:

1. Upscale Cheeseboards

Personalise your used charcuterie boards, wooden serving trays, bread boards or bamboo chopping boards. Engrave on them or use a variety of decorative methods and create custom wall plaques and nameplates to be creatively displayed in and around the home or even gift them to loved ones.

2. Stack useless crates

Create modular display settings by using plated wooden crate boards. Creates an opportunity for a fun hands-on home project and give a vintage and eclectic vibe to the space.

3. Go Mondrain-esque

Do your walls scream for a facelift, but the cost of painting an entire accent wall demotivates? Get inspired by masters of abstract art and try simple canvas painting in primary colours. These will add a cheer and vibrancy to a dull space and who knows, you make be making these canvases for all your friends real soon too!

4. Ever thought of going Boho

Display wicker baskets to create a stunning feature wall. Easy to assemble and ever so easy to replace when the look wears out.

5. Catching the Right Vibes

Use your old embroidery rings to fashion versions of dream catchers for your bedrooms or simply add bells and model them into wind chimes. Wooden beads, colourful yarns, feathers, literally anything goes and the best part is that soft sounds of bells are pleasing, a feast for the senses and culturally believed to bring in positive vibes. It is important to remember that home DIY projects don’t need to cost an eye. Recycle and repurpose from what is available and salvaged from home. Have fun being creative!

Adding to the list, Dr Meenu Kumar, Founder of Cosmo Arts Gallery, recommended five simple ideas for making decorative art pieces for your home:

1. Bamboos baskets

Numerous baskets can give a room a lot of texture. Using nails, you can hang a larger basket in the middle, which is surrounded by smaller ones in a starburst or circular pattern.

2. Kitchen wall spoon display

Wooden spoons are perfect for creating ombre kitchen art since they come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours. To assemble it, cut a piece of plywood to the required size and then paint it. After arranging the spoons on the wood in a light-to-dark arrangement, draw a spot with a pencil on both sides of each one, typically directly beneath the bowl. Drill holes where the indicators are and then remove the spoons. Tie fine-gauge wire over the handle and through the holes of one spoon at a time. To tighten, twist the wire ends together underneath the wood. Repeat as necessary, then hang.

3. Silhouette artworks

Collect some thin-stemmed branches and leaves to start. Affix them to 11 x 14 canvas boards. Using a spherical foam stencil brush and acrylic colours, paint the canvas, enclosing the leaves. After removing the leaves, let the boards dry. It is recommended to use white paint for touch-ups and get it framed.

4. Art piece using paper mache

Paper mache is an excellent, cost-effective way to make beautiful, appealing unique art items for your home decor. You may use it to make beautiful sculptures, picture frames, fruit baskets, birdhouses, and many other things. You can create paper mache paste at home by using leftover paper or newspaper, glue, and water.

5. Looped yarn art piece

This rustic piece’s materials are inexpensive and simple to get. A few wooden boards, some nails, and yarn are all you need. This item is perfect for family rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms and adds beauty to any space. The successful blending of yarn and wood makes projects like these some of the best wall decor ideas.

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