Colours are an important aspect of every artwork and though drawing does not have any rules to follow, it is essential to at least have some knowledge about the different emotions and palettes of colours. Having a basic understanding will definitely not do any harm to you or your artwork, in fact you will be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings well when you have some back-hand experience.

Drawing is a largely satisfying creative trait for any student or individual but did you know there are 10 types of modern drawing styles that you can tap into? In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Krish Nawal, Co-Founder of Children’s Art Museum of India, shared, “Drawing as a career is all about carving out an artist’s personal style; there are so many areas and options from which one can choose. The skills can be polished and improved with proper guidance and the introduction of suitable tools. Today, irrespective of the technological growth in the art and craft field, drawing skills are considered the foundation of multiple specialised careers such as architecture, animation, design and even VFX.”

Talking about the 10 types of modern drawing styles for artistic careers that are trending, he highlighted Caricature Drawing, Cartoon Drawing, Figure Drawing, Line Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Photorealism, Scientific Illustration, Scratchboard Drawing, Sketch Drawing and Technical Drawing. Commenting on the same, Srinidhi S, Visual Designer at Merlinwand, said, “The 10 types of modern drawing styles for artistic careers are Caricature, Manga comics, Graffiti, Abstract Painting, Realism, Charcoal figure drawing, Storyboarding, Digital Illustration, Portrait Painting, Architectural Drawing.”

She elaborated, “Each style is unique and has its own audience. Each style has its own set of skills and background which takes immense practise to acquire. It also comes down to what each individual enjoys spending time on and developing, some like creating their own manga comic and some might enjoy realism but at the end of the day every artist has a story to tell, the mediums and the style they choose to tell their story depends on how they would like to tell their story.”

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