Reacting to Suhail Sameer’s resignation as the CEO of BharatPe, its co-founder and former MD Ashneer Grover, who resigned from his position in March last year, took to Twitter to share a poem, in which he described Sameer as ‘nalla’ and said Shashvat Nakarni, the founder, should ‘man up and take care of the business.’

“Poem for start of 2023: Chala gaya Suhail Sameer – he was a nalla ! Shashvat – why don’t you man up and sambhalo the galla?!’For my English speaking friends: 1) Nalla is incompetent incapable and 2) Galla is business / helm of affairs,” tweeted Grover, who had a fallout with Sameer.

BharatPe announced on Tuesday Suhail has stepped down from his role, adding that he will take over as its strategic advisor starting January 7. Nalin Negi, the fintech firm’s current CFO, will take over as the CEO on an interim basis, it announced.

Meanwhile, Grover, arguably the most popular ‘shark’ from the first season of Shark Tank India, has been very active on Twitter in recent days. The 40-year-old, who was not retained for the second season that began on January 2, came up with an ‘autobiography’ in December last year; the book is titled ‘Doglapan: The Hard Truth About Life And Start-Ups.

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