While destination weddings can be expensive, if you plan wisely and get creative with your choices, it’s possible to create a memorable experience within your budget. A lovely gathering hosted in a picturesque setting, brimming with the lively chatter of friends and family, is the celebration any couple would dream of. And with destination weddings becoming the norm, these fantasies are no longer out of reach. Though destination weddings are quite famous and among the most romantic events, you should learn how to begin organising one.

Finding the perfect site, planning elegant ceremonies, and arranging suitable accommodation options may be somewhat overwhelming, especially given that Indian weddings are renowned for their outstanding grandeur and distinctiveness. However, planning it attentively and with care can give you the space to enjoy your big day without worrying about details. (Also read: Wedding tips: Here’s how to plan your dream wedding on a budget )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Nikhil Sharma, Regional Director for Eurasia, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, says, “Considering destination weddings are typically held in remote locations, the wedding planning, catering, and other factors influencing the wedding’s image can be complex, and you should meticulously organise a plan in advance. Though a wedding planner streamlines the intricacies, it is essential to ensure that the preparations meet your preferences and provide guests with a pleasant experience.” He further suggested important things to consider when planning your destination wedding.

1. Plan your budget

It’s time to sit with a calculator and crunch numbers. Destination weddings can easily put pressure on your wallet if it’s not aligned with your budget. So, it’s recommended to check with vendors on their prices and add in other expenses like travel, accommodation and entertainment before taking any decision. It is also advisable to finalize the total number of functions to match your budget.

2. Finalize the guest list and choose the venue

After you have a rough idea of how many people are attending and what kind of events you’re planning, selecting the perfect venue is the next big step. India is home to beautiful hotel properties that offer the best amenities for magnificent weddings.

3. Keep track of your appointments

Ensure that your appointments with the make-up artist, taxi services and stylist are properly scheduled. Contact them at least a month before your actual wedding date to confirm their availability and remind them of the appointment.

4. Send out wedding invitations on time

Planning a destination wedding involves a lot of chores and effort on a person’s part. People can often miss out on a few things, like sending wedding invitations on time. In the age of digital technology, e-wedding invitations have become popular. Those who don’t have time to personally hand over the wedding invitations (hard copies) to their guests can send out e-invites via mail or Whatsapp.

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