For the majority of people, year-end is all about going on trips but as the Covid-19 cases have started increasing, those who choose to travel should take extra precautionary measures in order to ensure safe travel. Travel cannot be avoided as people have pre-planned trips for year-end with friends and family however, staying a little cautious while traveling in the era of coronavirus and other infections will ensure your safety during the journey.

Are you too planning a trip for New Year 2023 celebrations? For several people, year-end is for family, friends or solo trips however, the ongoing Covid-19 scare has increased the level of risk of getting infected and while the pandemic has been stressful for everyone, those with travel plans are intimidated that their plans might get disrupted.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Harish Khatri, Founder and MD at India Assist, shared, “Ahead of New Year celebrations, the travel may result in unanticipated circumstances or medical emergencies. Ensure you are travelling with your own medicines/first aid to cover any contingencies. Kids have their own unique requirements; ensure you have taken basic food and other things for them to keep them engaged. In a situation like this, if you choose to travel with friends, family or even solo, consider taking extra precautions.”

In the context of safe travel, he advised, “It is essential that all measures are put in place to avoid overcrowding and ensure adequate time. Moreover, any journey requires a factual fact check of the weather, road conditions, taxi transportation, food availability, etc. It is preferable to obtain validated information from right source to ensure that you have received real time information and have done your preparation accordingly.”

The tourism and hospitality industries have been taking measures to safeguard travellers and ease the travel experiences of people. The country recovered from the last Covid-19 and travel and hospitality sectors are working towards making travel consistent with the help of latest technologies like mobile app-based emergency travel assistance. This type of assistance gives you verified information and on ground assistance to help you in sorting out any eventuality.

Vikas Sharma, CEO at Encalm Hospitality Pvt Ltd, revealed, “Amidst the surge in cases, special preventive measures are being taken at the airports in order to ensure safe travel for people. The travel and hospitality sectors have been working round the clock to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for passengers no matter what the situation is.” He suggested a few enhanced facilities one can avail at the airport for a safe and seamless journey –

  • Airport lounges are a sigh of relief: Airport lounges have been following complete sanitization and government guidelines in order to curb covid-19 cases. They are also taking proper precautionary measures while cooking and serving food. Those who have some spare time and are waiting for their flights should avail airport lounge services and enjoy the finest hospitality, cuisines, and delicacies. Be it helping customers ease stress, or giving space to travelers reaching airports after long traffic hours, these lounges are a go-to. The lounges have been designed in such a way that they give a better travel experience to passengers. Additionally, the lounges offer comfortable sitting space, newspapers, and magazines, Wi-Fi, charging stations, flight information screens and TV Screens among others.
  • Avail meet and assist services: Travellers who want to manage their time better can opt for airport meet and greet services. Travellers can relax while a trained official with full safety and hygiene precautions will make the airport experience seamless.

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