Year-ender 2022: The way we live and the way our homes look says a lot about ourselves. The post-covid era has been all about creating spaces that tell a lot about the aesthetic side of us. The homes speak about peace and inner calm for us. With coronavirus, we moved our office spaces to our homes, bringing in the shift and merging home and work together. So, it became increasingly necessary to create spaces in our homes where we find peace, and crew creativity. The covid also taught us to bring out the side of ourselves which are more than the profession we are in. Hence, homes started to speak of the aesthetics that we believe in, colours that we love, and of the type of furniture that brings out the best in us.

As we near the end of this year, let’s have a look at the home décor trends that won this year, stole hearts, and made way to our homes, and made the space more aesthetic, peaceful, and most importantly, fun.

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Shades of brown: This year saw a lot of brown in the interior décor space. With the unraveling of the many shades of the colour, it spoke of calmness, vibrance and bright tones. Brown and its many shades got explored this year for the homes.

Nature-inspired objects: This year, nature-inspired objects and shapes became very popular. People started treating nature as their muse and bringing it home through décor shapes and forms. Nature became the aesthetic we need around us.

Elevated outdoor furniture: Outdoor furniture became more common during this year, as we loved spending our time sitting and gazing outside. Attending to nature and its beauty, through outdoor furniture additions became a necessary in interior décor space.

Textures: More textures started to get explored. Tactile tiles became more common in interior décor. Home started to bask in more textures and colours.

Pastel shades: Pastel never goes out of fashion, and it ruled the year of 2022 as well. Bringing in more classy vibes, with the necessary tinge of fun, pastel shades are here to stay.

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