An office environment relies on optimism and strong vigour and it is believed that colours profoundly affect people’s emotions therefore, choosing the appropriate colour scheme to paint your office walls is crucial. For an office space, choosing colours to ensure that people feel a sense of belonging and happiness as a contributor is essential and on-brand and on-trend colours are a great way to achieve that.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Aditi Murarka Agrawal, Co-Founder of Nestasia, suggested, “Oatmeal white would make an excellent choice. It gives a flawless warm glow like natural sunlight which is great to add brightness into the room. It depicts a clear canvas for free-flowing thoughts, airy lightness and conducive collaboration, along with select pops of pastel tones in the form of a dusty pink shelving backsplash or a sage green accent wall, which can give the space character and allow for sparks of creativity.”

She added, “Light walnut wood furniture and greenery from plants will ensure freshness and high productivity. Contrary to the belief that stark blue light and cool tones propagate productivity, pastel warm tones can be a great way to look forward to being in an office space and truly enjoy work, co-create and build a strong culture.” Bringing her expertise to the same, Dr Meenu Kumar, Founder of Cosmo Arts Gallery, recommended five fantastic colour combinations if you’re looking for the best wall colours for offices:

• Grey

Grey is the colour to use in your office if you want it to have a sophisticated and elegant feel. Grey comes in a wide range of shades, from a deep, subdued grey to a bright steel grey. Additionally, the colour scheme of grey and white is quite classy, so you can paint one wall of the space white and complement it with lovely wooden furniture and low-hanging lights to give the décor more depth.

• Dark blue

One of the best options for office walls is a deep, rich blue, as it exudes a professional vibe and is perfect for a corporate workplace. You can pick from colours like Navy blue, Cerulean blue, and Prussian blue. White and wood furniture will contrast wonderfully with the dark blue walls.

• White

You can pick from a variety of white shades, including eggshell white, off-white, and ivory, to give the walls of your office homey vibes. The most popular colour for office walls is probably white. It provides the office with a neat, polished appearance. It can go perfectly in conference rooms, lounge areas, and employee cubicles in office buildings.

• Rainbow

While painting your workplace walls, you don’t have to commit to a single shade. To blend in with the contemporary, vibrant business culture, you can choose a rainbow colour scheme for your office’s walls. To decorate the walls, choose a range of pastel colours. It not only conveys the concept that work is enjoyable, but it may also serve as a metaphor for fundamental workplace inclusion and diversity principles.

• Yellow

Any commercial space can profit from the cheerful environment that yellow can provide. When natural light in your office building is scarce, yellow wall paint can effectively lighten the area. Moreover, in order to give the walls of the office area some charm, you can also paint the ceiling and one wall white.

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