Google has announced results of Year in Search 2022 which shows “What is Agnipath Scheme” is the most searched topic of the year under the ‘what is’ category.

Google Year in Search results are announced under nine categories – overall searches, what is, how to, movies, near me, sports events, people, news events and recipes.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath is a new scheme under which the government recruits young personnel (Agniveers) to the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy for a period of four years, with a provision of permanent employment for some.

The centre on June 14 announced the new scheme replacing the legacy system of recruitment in these services with an aim to lower the age profile and ensure a fitter, technically skilled military.

Google Year in Search 2022: What else made it to the top list?

Overall, people in India looked for results on Indian Premier League most this year. How to download vaccination certificates is the most searched topic under the ‘how to’ category.

Death of Lata Mangeskar, Sidhu Moose Wala, Russia-Ukraine war, UP election results and COVID-19 cases in India are the most searched news topics of the year in India, Google said.

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