Winters in Yokohama are a sight to behold. This year’s winter season in Yokohama became even more picturesque with the installation of gorgeous illuminations. Year after year, these illuminations are getting bigger and grander. Cooperative hotels and other facilities have also increased in the town, thus making nightlife even better in the city.

According to the director of Creative City Planning, Chiaki Hasebe, “Yokohama has a large number of day trip tourists, but there are few overnight guests. As a result, we decided to create night content that would make Yokohama nights more enjoyable, and I began this project by saying that I would like to further enhance Yokohama’s appeal. Yokohama is characterized by being close to the sea. Thirty-four facilities, including the port’s waterfront, historical building, and modern building, are cooperating with this night viewing facility, where the whole town is linked by light and music. This is the biggest attraction.”

These illuminations in Yokohama, Japan, have slowly become popular all over the world. A visitor in Yokohama recalled the experience and said that this year it was better than the last year.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find it better than last year. It was fun. It was beautiful. The new trial is this projection mapping. On the wall of the building, a beautiful image is reflected. A streetwalker can easily join and enjoy it. Especially, during the “Special 5 Minutes,” which is held eight times a day, illuminations throughout the city are synchronized with the music to add multiple colors,” the visitor said.

“I am very happy about this festival because I’ve never been here before. Yeah. I would like to invite everyone in the world–not only Thais–to come here because this is a really good festival. The winter air in Yokohama is clean and fresh. Japan has started using renewable energy to solve the problem of energy consumption and electricity. Events like these are attracting tourists from all around the world to Japan, a tourist from Thailand said about the experience.

“I have never seen this kind of illumination in my life, so I find it very unique. I definitely agree. It’s very unique. I’ve never seen something like this before. And just the fact that I didn’t know and finding it unexpectedly, it was a great surprise,” said another tourist from England.

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