BhartPe co-founder Ashneer Grover took a dig at Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal Monday after the latter’s ‘still Day 1’ tweet, declaring that start-up founders who still use that phrase were ‘the lamest thing’. “No potential talent / existing team is getting excited by reading it after you’ve been in business for years. Maybe they use it as a hidden message for investors ki EXIT maangne mat aa jaana,” he tweeted.

Grover – who last week also took a jab at his former company after three senior executives walked out – was responding to a tweet by Goyal Saturday, in which he said he had met with some of the food aggregator app’s long-serving delivery executives.

“Met Sonu, Vipin (and a few others) who have been delivering with us for a number of years. Their life stories and what I learn from them about our business always blows my mind. Extremely grateful to have this opportunity to touch their lives. Still Day 1 at Zomato. “

Grover’s sniggering response drew some echoes.

Two users seemed to agree; “‘It’s still Day 1’ is a failure… investors do exit from that… ‘Many more days to come’ is a success,” one said, while another wrote the ‘start-up’ tag ought to be dropped after 24 months and that a company could not be one if in business for years.

What is the significance of ‘Day 1’?

The phrase made headlines after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos used the term in 2016 in a letter to shareholders; “It is Day 1 for a couple of decades,” he wrote. Since the, start-up founders and stakeholders have used the phrase to weigh enthusiasm for their work.

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