Tied the knot recently and moved in together? Congratulations! Knowing you can consistently build a life with your partner every day of the year without any hassle is an absolute blessing. That said, settling in and finally making a house a home that’s loved and lived in can be a real roadblock. Tasteful decor that suits your aesthetic is one of the best ways to create a warm and snug ambience in your home. It may seem overwhelming to commit to a full-time renovation, but you don’t need to spend weeks planning a change or spending a fortune to make your present environment more couple-friendly. You can reorganise your house without tearing down any walls if you use a little creativity. (Also read: Home decor and interior design tips to make your bedroom appear bigger )

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Neera Chopra, Founder of 19 Sides, shared four decor must-haves that every newly wedded couple should invest in.

1. Embellish your sofa and bed with cushions

One of the quickest ways to spruce up your home is to invest in high-quality cushion covers to last you a long time. Whether they’re in a similar colour to your bedspread or sofa to create a monochromatic look or use complementary colours for contrast. They come in a large variety of choices for you to choose from whether you prefer a fresh floral print, a classic chevron, a soft textured one or even a simple solid-coloured filler cushion.

2. Experiment with lighting

At times, ceiling lights can create a harsh and unflattering environment, especially when using white light. A quick fix to this would be to replace your white lights with warmer, yellow-toned or natural lighting and decorate your house with ambient lighting in the form of table and floor lamps as well as candles. Lighting can genuinely transform the aura and overall mood of your home.

3. Spruce up your tables

When it comes to decor, flat surfaces such as side tables, consoles and dining tables in the house are often ignored making the house look bland and uninteresting. To combat this, simply place one of the chic table runners that match your home’s aesthetic along with coffee table books, candles, or even decor pieces depending on the size of the surface. Having such tactile elements in a home fills it to the brim with character and charisma.

4. Nurture your green thumb

A home is truly incomplete without plants! Aside from the health benefits of having plants in your home, especially in polluted metropolitan cities, indoor foliage livens up a home and helps one feel connected with nature. Regardless of whether you have an earthy aesthetic or not, house plants elevate any home they’re nurtured in!

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