Epoxy resin is nowadays getting increasingly popular as an art form, since it enables creating eye-catchy outcomes in terms of new-age home decor products, giving them a unique look and feel as compared to traditional wooden furniture items. At the same time, with epoxy resin art, one can explore the potential of imaginative art and designs to the fullest, as epoxy resin helps in making imagination into reality, wherein we can form patterns and play beautifully and creatively with various colours as well.

Epoxy resin has completely revolutionized the way that interior design is done and introduced a new and creative element where interior designers and architects are using epoxy resin art to create stunning interiors that are not only inventive but also fashionable and elegant. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Husain Johar, Founder and Creative Head at Makemyhouse.com, revealed, “Interior designers use epoxy resin to create flooring that is brilliant and naturally reflective. As a result, the area is lit ten times more.”

He suggested, “To provide this illumination, white, off-white, and other light shades can be employed. By brightly lighting the floor, the space appears larger and increases the lighting in the space. The brightness of the room will lower the cost of electricity bills, energy usage and light changes. When used in hotel lobbies and drawing rooms for private mansions, it will seem much more prestigious and noble. Epoxy resin art is brilliant for creating decorative pieces that one can place in different corners of a hall or bedroom to make corners more attractive.”

He added, “Interior designers also use epoxy resin on kitchen tops and table tops. Due to its quick processing time, epoxy resin art is flourishing in the realm of interior design. The ink layers can be better managed because they don’t mix. It can be poured directly on the floor after an extremely simple initial effort. As a result, extra fees are avoided.”

Anand Suman, Founder of Cinnamon Homes, gushed, “Nowadays, interior designers are becoming inclined towards coming up with a lot of attractive designs utilizing epoxy resin art and we are thus seeing epoxy resin art being used off late in multiple products like dining table tops, coffee tables, doors, wall art, wall clock chandeliers and even in ashtrays and coasters! Furthermore, epoxy resin can be used to give a fresh makeover to floors and other surfaces too.”

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