Winter is here and it brings with it a season of dreary, frigid days emphasized by occasional glimpses of the sun but there are certain things you can do with winter-themed interior designs to make your home more cheerful, even though the weather is largely out of your control. With temperatures dropping outside and chill in the air already noticed, it is likely that many of us would now end up spending more time inside our homes during the up-and-coming winter months and so, it makes sense to pay some extra attention towards our winter home décor so that our homes can deck up to look as beautiful as the warmer seasons of the year.

By and large, winter décor is all about incorporating the elements of comfort, coziness and warmth into the existing set-ups of our house. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anand Suman, Founder of Cinnamon Homes, suggested a few tips on how to do it best:

  • Add nice carpets to give a makeover as well as to add warmth to your living rooms and bedroom.
  • While curtains (for doors and windows) are considered a must for the winters, make sure to use lighter-coloured curtains to allow sunlight to enter into your rooms during the daytime.
  • Create a cozy and comfy corner inside one room in your house to sit down and warm yourself up. This corner can consist of a few strategically-placed rugs, carpets etc. along with a large sized, comfortable Maharaja chair.
  • Add a small sized outdoor sofa set and chairs for sitting in your balcony to soak up the winter Sun while spending some cheerful time with your loved ones.
  • The environment outside during winter may be rough and dry, but then you can always ensure to make your mood inside the house jubilant by choosing and placing some bright-coloured artsy floor lamps and wall art hangings

Husain Johar, Founder and Creative Head of, advised, “Winter is the perfect opportunity for the usual cotton bed sheets to make way for fabrics such as wool or velvet. It adds a lot of color and gravitas to the rooms. To fight the cold, we all tend to use electric room heaters, which not only take up too much electricity but can be very uncomfortable during peak night hours and counter-productive to health. Instead, why not go for a temperature-regulating mattress which helps to keep the body warm during winters (and cool during summers)? Its dense material absorbs more heat and they are also in-built with a temperature-regulating gel that adjusts as per our body temperature.”

Asserting that there is a common misconception related to the curtains in our homes, he said, “They are not just for controlling the external lights but if the right material is used they can help spread the warmth. Wood or thicker materials such as blackout, helps to keep the temperature warm and cozy. Rugs are another great addition to homes during winter, they not only reflect a style statement but help to keep our feet warm and toasty. Go for plush fabrics and comfy furnishings. You can also impart cheer to spaces with warm colors and soft, fluffy fabrics – think white and bright. Decorate with natural elements, hang heavier drapes and use pendant lights.”

To make your house look warm, inviting and cheery during winter, Umesh Singh, Director at Tara Candles, recommended, “Every perfume has unique qualities that can change a space. Since each scent can elicit a range of emotions, you can use scent blending to create moods. For instance, lavender is frequently cited as having the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. To help you relax and drift off to sleep, arrange candles in groups according to aroma and place them in prominent locations in your bedroom, such as your nightstand or dresser.”

He added, “If you have allergies or other irritants that affect your ability to sleep, using many aroma candles will help your bedroom smell fresh all day long. For both day and night in the cold, candles are ideal. They provide light on early-sunset nights, provide peace during the hectic holiday season, and impart a homey scent. There are many scents that are perfect for winter days, representative of the season, and even induce joy when lit. Smells and memories are strongly intertwined, and scents have the ability to remind you of happy times in your past. You’ll probably feel joyful when you smell a scented candle that brings back pleasant winter memories.”

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