Elon Musk has taken several controversial decisions at Twitter since becoming the owner of the company, which he purchased at $44 billion in October. However, praising Musk, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has described him as the ‘bravest and most creative’ person on the planet.

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Hastings made the remark on Wednesday at the New York Times Dealbook conference, where he also said he is ‘100 per cent confident’ the Tesla CEO is ‘trying to help the world with all his endeavours.’

“I’m excited…Elon Musk is the bravest, most creative person on the planet. What he has done in multiple areas is phenomenal. You know, his style is different…I’m trying to be steady, respectable leader (but) you know, he doesn’t care. He is just like out there, you know,” said the business executive, 62, drawing laughter from the audience.

The Boston native further said the world’s richest person could’ve bought a ‘mile-long yacht’ with 44 billion. “I’m 100 per cent convinced that he is trying to help the world in all of his endeavours…and he is trying to help the world on that one (Twitter) because he believes in free speech and the power of a democracy,” said Hastings.

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How Musk goes about it is how he himself would not do it, the Netflix CEO also remarked, however, adding that people should not be ‘nitpicky’ with the new Twitter owner. “He’s making a mess of some things, but give the guy a break. He just spent all his money to make it much better for democracy and society to have a more open platform, and I am sympathetic with that agenda,” opined Hastings.

“Wow, thank you for the kind words,” tweeted the South African-born US entrepreneur, in response.

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