Travel has a variety of advantages. There is real value in disconnecting from daily life, meeting new people, and taking in a change of scenery, whether you’re embarking on a multi-country expedition or simply taking a sunbath at the beach. The monetary value of the vacation, however, is something that individuals aren’t always certain about. Don’t wait until you’re on vacation to think about how to minimize your travel expenses. If you want to save rather than splurge, you’re better off planning ahead. Saving money and travelling have always been counterparts and there are a few travel hacks that can definitely save a lot. (Also read: Travelling tips: Check out these tricks for a seamless business travel )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Ekta Mohanani Kamra, Travelling Enthusiast and Founder of Hop and Bop, shared some game-changing travel hacks that will help you save money.

1. Travelling off-season: One can start by travelling during “off” seasons. During this time in most destinations, the crowd is comparatively less so one gets to enjoy the facilities to the fullest and everything is comparatively more affordable, from souvenirs to accommodation.

2. Pack light: Don’t make your luggage your burden. The less you have to carry with you, the more you’re free to walk around and be as spontaneous and adventurous as you want. You can easily go on an impromptu hike, have a drink at a bar, or even go on a tour with your one small bag, but people lugging around multiple bags or wheeled luggage can’t.

3. Pre-booking: Additionally, booking your flight tickets after comparing and booking lesser-known websites can be useful. Pre-plan your trip to enjoy discounted prices, book tours and local experiences.

4. Avoid money exchange: It’s preferable to avoid money exchange at the airport and go for all-inclusive packages with meals to avoid spending extra.

5. Buy a local sim: Buying a local sim instead of international roaming always works best while travelling on a budget. Local sim card dealers are present in almost all international airports, from whom you can pick up a data package. The advantages of picking up a local sim are first, you get a local number at local tariffs and second, you don’t have a deadline or a contract for it.

6. Use ATM: One can also use ATMs for local currency. If you’re travelling internationally, it’s always better to use an ATM for local currency rather than the money converters in the airport.

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