And just like that, 2022 is nearing its end. With just over four weeks until 2023, it is time to look at the calendar again and prepare for the upcoming new year. For those who love to travel, New Year brings the incredible prospect of long weekends, which can help them fulfil their travel bucket lists. And we have good news for those who want to visit many places in 2023 because the year is full of long weekends – March, April, and August have over five to six-day holidays. Moreover, if you plan better, you can plan around 18 vacations in 2023. So, without further ado, let’s look at the complete list of long weekends in 2023.

Long Weekend in January 2023

1) December 31, Saturday: New Year’s Eve

January 1, Sunday: New Year’s Day

So, if you take an off on December 30, Friday, you get three days off. You can even extend this holiday by taking the day off on January 2, Monday.

2) January 14, Saturday: Lohri, Makar Sankranti

January 15, Sunday: Pongal

Take the day off on January 13 (Friday) and January 16 (Monday) to get four days off.

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3) January 26, Thursday: Republic Day

January 28, Saturday

January 29, Sunday

Take a leave on January 27, Friday to enjoy a four-day holiday.

Long Weekend in February 2023

1) February 18, Saturday: Mahashivratri

February 19, Sunday

Take the day off on February 17, Friday.

Long Weekend in March 2023

1) March 8, Wednesday: Holi

March 11, Saturday

March 12, Sunday

You can take offs on March 9, Thursday, and March 10, Friday, for a five-day getaway.

Long Weekend in April 2023

1) April 4, Tuesday: Mahavir Jayanti

April 7, Friday: Good Friday

April 8, Saturday

April 9, Sunday

Take leaves on April 5, Wednesday, and April 6, Thursday, for a six-day-long holiday.

Long Weekend in May 2023

1) May 5, Friday: Buddha Purnima

May 6, Saturday

May 7, Sunday

Long Weekend in June and July 2023

1) June 17, Saturday

June 18, Sunday

June 20, Tuesday: Rath Yatra (Restricted Holiday)

Take your leaves on June 19, Monday, to extend the holiday for four days.

2) June 29, Thursday: Bakri Eid

July 1, Saturday

July 2, Sunday

Take your off on June 30, Friday.

Long Weekend in August 2023

1) August 12, Saturday

August 13, Sunday

August 15, Tuesday: Independence Day

August 16, Wednesday: Parsi New Year (Restricted Holiday)

Take a leave on August 14, Monday, to go on a five-day-long vacation.

2) August 26, Saturday

August 27, Sunday

August 29, Tuesday: Onam (Restricted Holiday)

August 30, Wednesday: Raksha Bandhan

You can take an off on August 28, Monday, to enjoy five days of bliss.

Long Weekend in September 2023

1) September 7, Thursday: Janmashtami (Restricted Holiday)

September 9, Saturday

September 10, Sunday

By taking a leave on September 8, Monday, you can go for a four-day-long holiday.

2) September 16, Saturday

September 17, Sunday

September 19, Tuesday: Ganesh Chaturthi (Restricted Holiday)

Take a leave on September 18, Monday, for a four-day holiday.

Long Weekend in October 2023

1) September 30, Saturday

October 1, Sunday

October 2, Monday: Gandhi Jayanti

2) October 21, Saturday

October 22, Sunday

October 24, Tuesday: Dussehra

Take the day off on October 23, Monday.

Long Weekend in November 2023

1) November 11, Saturday

November 12, Sunday: Diwali

November 13, Monday: Govardhan Puja (Restricted Holiday)

2) November 25, Saturday

November 26, Sunday

November 27, Monday: Guru Nanak Jayanti

Long Weekend in December 2023

1) December 23, Saturday

December 24, Sunday

December 25, Monday: Christmas

You can avail a leave on December 22, Friday, to enjoy a long weekend.

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