After former Shark Tank India ‘shark’ Ashneer Grover, another ‘shark’ from the business reality show, Anupam Mittal, who, unlike Grover, is returning for the upcoming second season, has given his two cents on the ongoing chaos at Twitter, in particular the layoffs ordered by its new owner, Elon Musk.

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“As smart as he is, why does @elonmusk fail to understand that if u parade subordinates naked in the townhall, it makes easy for them to pee on you in public (winking face emoji) Respect is a 2way street, isn’t it?” tweeted Mittal on Sunday.

Responding to a user who commented that the Tesla CEO and world’s richest person is doing this on purpose, making people talk about Twitter, and is winning, the founder said there are other ways to create controversy, besides stepping on those subordinate to you.

“many ways to create controversies other than stepping on folks below u. For e.g. The blue tick controversy,” tweeted Mittal.

One of the first decisions Musk took as the owner of the tech giant, which he bought in October, was that a monthly fee ($8) would be charged for blue tick verification. The service, which earlier came for free, was suspended earlier this month but is expected to return on November 29.

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Also, immediately after becoming the new boss, the business magnate, 51, sacked several senior executives, including then-CEO Parag Agarwal. Days later, around half of the company’s 7,500-strong global staff, including 90 per cent of its employees in India, were laid off. A second round of layoffs is expected to begin this week.

Additionally, a recent ‘ultimatum’ by Musk to Twitter employees reportedly caused an ‘exodus’ from the organisation.

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