Elon Musk is ‘ahead of his times,’ according to RP Goenka Group chairman Harsh Goenka, who also said Twitter’s new boss should be given more time before people start predicting the platform’s death.

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“We are underestimating the genius of Elon Musk. There must be a method to his madness. Whether it was Tesla, SpaceX or Boring co, he was ahead of his times. He surely has a gameplan with #Twitter which we just can’t comprehend. Let’s give him time before we predict its death,” tweeted Goenka on Saturday.

Goenka’s post comes at a time when the Tesla CEO and world’s richest person is facing severe criticism over various issues related to the microblogging website and the company. Ever since he bought the tech giant, in last week of October, the business magnate has sacked senior executives, laid off staffers, gave an ‘ultimatum’ to employees leading to their resignations (described as exodus), and asked for $8 monthly fee to be paid for blue tick verification (currently suspended, but likely to return on November 29).

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Most recently, he reinstated former US President Donald Trump, ending the latter’s ban from the platform over the January 2021 violence at the US Capitol.

The South African-born entrepreneur, 51, bought Twitter in a deal worth $44 billion. According to Forbes, he owns around 82 per cent of the company.

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