The State Bank of India (SBI) has launched a facility with which senior citizens can receive their pension slips on WhatsApp. Described by SBI as ‘hassle-free’ service, the feature will allow pensioners to obtain their pension slip from the convenience of their home by sending ‘Hi’ to a mobile number over WhatsApp.

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“Now get your pension slip over WhatsApp! Avail hassle-free service at your comfort. Send a ”Hi” on +91 9022690226 over WhatsApp to avail the service,” tweeted SBI on Thursday.

After sending ‘Hi,’ you will receive a message from the bank with three options: Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, and Pension Slip. Tap Pension Slip, and mention the month for which you want the slip.

You will now see this message: “Please wait for a while as we fetch your Pension details.”

Registering a nominee through internet banking:

(1.) Sign in to SBI Online, and go to ‘Request and Enquiries.’

(2.) Click on ‘Online Nomination,’ and then choose an account number.

(3.) Fill the nominee information and submit.

Registering a nominee through YONO SBI:

(1.) Sign in to SBI Online, and navigate to ‘Services and Requests.’

(2.) Click on ‘Account Nominee;’ select account number from the drop down.

(3.) Complete the nominee details and submit.

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