Video streaming giant Amazon Prime Video has rolled out a mobile-only single user plan worth 500 per year. The plan can be availed through the Prime Video app or website, Livemint quoted the company statement.

It is an effort by the OTT platform to building on the first mobile plan it had unveiled in January last year in collaboration with Bharti Airtel. The plan was only available to the pre-paid Airtel users in multiple forms, i.e a one month free trial which may be followed by a 28-daty plan worth 89 for Prime Video content along with 6 GB data. The other offers included a 28-day pack worth 299 offering video content along with unlimited calls and data access of 1.5 GB per day.

The downloads for offline viewing will be available with the mobile edition. In a statement, Prime Video India vice president Gaurav Gandhi said the streaming platform has witnessed a huge growth in India in the past six years. He underlined that the prime video mobile plan is building on the success of its earlier plan which was launched with a telecom association last year.

Kelly Day, the vice president (international), Prime Video, said India is one of the company’s fastest growing and most engaged locales across the world. The top executive described India as the one turning into an innovation hub for the brand, adding that the Prime Video Mobile edition is also being rolled out in Latin American and South East Asian countries.

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