For Indians planning to make a trip to southeastern-central Europe, a recent visa-related change in Serbia needs to be checked before making any plan. The country has announced the cancellation of visa-free entry to all Indian nationals starting January 1.

In a statement, the Embassy of India, Belgrade, said that all Indian citizens visiting the European nation would “require a visa to enter the Republic of Serbia”.

“The existing arrangement of visa-free entry into Serbia for all Indian passport holders for staying in Serbia up to 30 days has been withdrawn by the Government of Serbia,” the statement added.

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Indians wanting to visit Serbia on or after January 1 need to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Serbia in New Delhi or in the country of their residence.


The new change, will however, not affect Indians having a Schengen, UK and US visa, or a residence permit of these countries. The statement mentioned that Indian passport holders having visa or permit of these nations will still be allowed a visa-free entry into Serbia on or after January 1 for up to 90 days.

Other countries that no longer enjoy visa-free entry to Serbia

From November 20 onwards, Serbia also terminated the visa-free entry service to nationals of Guinea-Bissau (in west Africa), Tunisia (in north Africa), and Burundi (in east Africa).

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