An old saying notes that if we educate and empower a woman, we benefit her entire household. This deep insight into the psyche of womanhood is a reflection of nurturance and growth. A strong lady imbibes enough confidence to uplift herself and all those around her.

Not only this, but speaking from an economics standpoint, a PWC study held in 2022 indicates that increasing women’s employment rates in a group of OECD countries to that of Sweden had the potential to boost GDP by over $6 trillion. Another study points out that gender discrimination could cost OECD countries roughly 16% of the world’s income.

Modern women are the epitome of success. She is not only breaking barriers in the corporate arena but has been shining on the global front to have her work seen and accepted for the good of humanity.

November 19 every year marks Women’s Entrepreneurship Day when we honour and commemorate all those ladies on the front lines doing their bit to break the outdated stereotypes. On this day, speaks to eight successful ladies who are trendsetters, innovators, and trailblazers. They are the ones who have been changing the business environs in India and the world over.

In this article, the who’s who of the women entrepreneurship arena exclusively share their insights and wisdom for aspiring female entrepreneurs of India. Although women have long contributed to the economy, there is still a considerable need for more from the lot to start their journeys.

This heart-to-heart showcase that there is no set age to start a business, and every lady leader has gone through her share of a non-traditional journey full of insights for us all. Let’s take a look inside the business lives:

Vani Kola, Founder and Managing Director Kalaari Capital

She holds a leadership position at one of India’s leading early-stage venture capital firms, Kalaari Capital. Vani got into Finance and has created a difference in the lives of startups and business owners.

While sharing her views with Shine, Vani says, “I have three crucial pieces of advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs. First and foremost, one should be confident in speaking out for oneself. Always be the first to raise your hand for projects offering visibility. Opportunity creates visibility, you took that opportunity, and now you deserve to be known. Be comfortable displaying your achievements. Accept compliments gracefully and don’t immediately reject them or direct them elsewhere.”

She further says, “Women business leaders might also be more likely to struggle with various forms of guilt. The most obvious one would be the ‘mommy guilt’, often concerning their children, where they carry an ideal of being a ‘perfect mom’, which in reality is non-existent. Devoting time to your career and rising above the corporate ladder doesn’t mean you will or are a terrible mother. Everyone makes mistakes, and one should widen their spectrums to accept that there will always be mistakes on the personal and home front, even if you are a housewife. While this might not only be one guilt women carry, I would advise them to shun any guilts altogether. Also, I’d like to share that I have seen women apologize even when they are correct. Hold your ground here and avoid saying sorry where it isn’t required.”

Geetha Kannan, Founder of Wequity

Her organization works for the inclusivity of women in the tech sector. She thoroughly believes in reducing barriers for women in the world of technology. Geetha says, “Entrepreneurship is not an alternative to a career but a career itself. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it is a place where you can achieve financial independence while you pursue your passion for a cause you believe in. Being the founder of Wequity has given me the most excellent satisfaction of doing something that can change women’s lives in the fast-paced tech industry. I look forward to seeing more women storming the entrepreneurial world.”

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