Union minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday attended the fifth and final day of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit (HTLS) 2022. During his session, Goyal spoke on a range of topics, including the Free Trade Agreements (FTA), $30 trillion economy etc.

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Here are some top quotes:

Trade agreements: “Under previous governments, India signed unfair trade deals. However, the Modi government doesn’t sign FTA for the sake of it. India’s interests are weighed upon. We analyse whether its fair and equitable.”

$30 trillion economy: “Nation such as ours, providing talent, demographic dividend, robust foundation on which they can see economic growth for the next two or three decades minimum, every statistics will clearly show you upward of a 30 trillion dollar economy when we celebrate 100 years of Independence.”

India opting out of China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): “”Why did we leave RCEP? There were 15 other countries in the agreement, of which 10 were ASEAN nations, with whom India already has trade deals. India also has deals with Japan and Korea. New Zealand is a small trade partner; we have signed an agreement with Australia.”

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‘Superpower’ India: “India is going to be global superpower in 25 years. World knows we have arrived.”

Meanwhile, the BJP leader also spoke at length about the upcoming assembly election in prime minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat, and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Gujarat election: “BJP will win 150 seats (out of total 182). Last year’s reshuffle in the state cabinet was the party’s decision. Responsibilities keep changing from time to time. It is our strength, and not weakness.”

Bharat Jodo Yatra: “There are assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat and one leader is holding Bharat Jodo Yatra in Tamil Nadu and Telangana. He has no guts to campaign in these states because he knows there is no chance of the Congress there.”

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